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Teach Your Daughter About Powerful Female Role Models: Oprah Winfrey

Is Oprah Winfrey a good role model?   Some say no; she doesn't produce value, she doesn't have good morals, she’s a TV celebrity which, in itself, doesn't really do anything good for society, she’s just after the money, she sells snake … More

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Teach Your Daughter About Powerful Female Role Models

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey Politician Hillary Clinton Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas Actress Emma Watson First Lady of California, journalist, and activist  Maria Shriver Author J. K. Rowling {who began her writing career as a single … More

Computer Kid

Safe Places for Girls to Hang Out Online

When I was a teen, the mall was the hangout of choice for girls my age. Not so much for tween and teen girls today. Thanks to the Internet, hanging out with others who have similar interests is no longer limited to a geographic location. So here’s … More