August 30, 2010

Fun with magnets and Daddy
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August 29, 2010

Princess relaxing on her chair
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August 28, 2010

Fun with Daddy {who doesn’t care much for pictures}
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August 27, 2010

We found this little guy {gal?} when we were heading out to get Daddy from the airport
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Why I Love Blog Hops

Last night, while brushing my teeth at 1:30 am {gasp}, I had several wonderful, stupendous, and glorious {in that order} post ideas flowing through my {oddly alert} brain.  I told myself, “You should really go write these down.”  I should have listened.  I forgot every last one by the time I woke up this morning.  So, this morning, with the “Hip Homeschool Hop” in full force I decided to focus on why I like blog hops so much {aside from the hope that I’ll have a few more readers stop by}.

When I started this blog about a week ago, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  I have tried to blog before, but it was always about subjects that weren’t truly that important to me, so it never really lasted.  Homeschooling my daughter and the way our daily life is molded because of that has become a great passion of mine.  I am finally in a place where I can enjoy it, and {can try to} morph it into what I want it to be.  I am so excited I want the world to know, even though the world might really not care!

Since blogging is not a one-sided thing, I’ve also learned from the whole experience.  Reading other blogs written by homeschooling moms has begun to make me feel that the way we do things is OK.  We may not finish everything all the time, and we may have days where nothing gets done, and we may have times where we finish tons, but it’s all OK.  Everyone else struggles with the same struggles I do, and they’re at different places in the adventure.  I can laugh and cry along with others, learning along the way.

Participating in a hop allows me to have a concise list of many blogs.  I can go visit, learn about the family, and see what’s working for them.  Already, in one week, I have read so many wonderful blogs and learned so much.  Perhaps most importantly I’ve learned that I’m not in this boat {sinking ship} alone, and that someone, somewhere, has been through the same things I’m going through.

Happy Hip Homeschool Hop!