First {mini} Hurdle of the School Year

Babydoll and I have been going strong with our workbox setup for {three} days.  And then, it hit:  our first {wee} hurdle.  We both woke up this morning feeling slightly like {what I imagine} death warmed over {feels like}.  It wasn’t fun.  As a matter of fact, we both crawled back into bed and I didn’t crawl back out till noon.

Yet, despite this unpleasantness permeating our bodies {and my unwillingness to get out of bed}, something surprisingly wonderful happened.  Babydoll got up and worked on her individual {sans mommy} workboxes on her own!  Had this been last school year, she would have been helpless in this situation, as I was the key to all the K12 learning she cared to engage in.  And what good is a key when it’s wrapped up in blankets with the chills and a headache?  None.  Nada.  Of.  No.  Use.

I was so happy to wake up and learn that she had completed the tasks assigned to her and that she was waiting patiently for me to wake up so we could work on the mommy boxes.  I was proud of my daughter, as she was able to take a tiny bit of her education into her own hands, even if it was just for a morning.  Our new system has already instilled in her the knowledge of how to go about her day.  She doesn’t need me for every little thing now.

Of course, we didn’t finish all of our boxes today.  We started on history and our study of Islam {The Hundredth Name is a great book}, and then we both decided we just couldn’t do anymore today.  So, boxes 8, 11, and 12 did not get touched.  Yes, it bugged the perfectionist in me.  However, the beauty of this system is that the work stays in the boxes, ready for tomorrow, or Saturday, or Sunday, or whichever day we choose to work on it.  The planning and preparation that went into that box is not lost, and our schedule is not completely wrecked because of this.

This is going to be a sweet year.