Doughnuts + Breakfast = Really Good Day

Today we started our first official day of school {yay}.  We started the day off by making homemade doughnuts {man, they were good}.

My little pastry chef {pretend like you don’t see the cable jungle in the background}

I can already see that the workbox set up is working really well {check out our set up here}.  Our day has gone so smoothly, and Babydoll has gotten so much of her work done.  She worked on all of her independent work before lunch, and then we met up after lunch to complete things she needed my assistance with {history, science, etc.}.

My little 3rd grader {yep, those are doughnuts}

August 22, 2010

Daddy headed off to Baltimore today {work-related}, so we decided to drown our sorrows with cinnamon rolls. That’s the best way, right?
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August 21, 2010

So, this was one of those silly pictures… Not only are three of our light bulbs burned out {all happened within days of each other}, but flip flops somehow ended up there. Off to buy light bulbs barefoot {kidding}.
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August 20, 2010

Not the greatest picture, but this teeny little frog was hanging out on the patio Friday. That’s pine straw he’s next to.
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Final Prep Days

Next week we start school {for real}.  We’ve got our workboxes set up, I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet with our lesson plans and materials listed, and that’s about it.  I still need to print things, gather things, and I am feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning all the “extras” I want to do {*cough*overachiever*cough*}.

So, during this last weekend before the real fun begins, I’m going to force myself to relax and enjoy the journey.  Babydoll will be fine.  She will learn what she needs to {and then some}.  I will make mistakes.  I will forget things.  I will look at other blogs and listen to other moms and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  But hey, that gives her a taste of what life is really like, right?