Field Trip No. 1

Yesterday Babydoll and I went to Jones Valley Urban Farm with a few other homeschoolers,  After a brief lesson on the parts of a plant, what plants need to grow, and the collection of rain water to water the plants, the kids got to walk through the farm.  They learned about some of the plants {I was rather excited to see amaranth and shiso *raises food geek hand*}, got to harvest arugula and basil, and were able to see a few chickens.

 Once they were finished outside, they took their bounty into the kitchen and helped prepare a health snack of arugula pesto pizza, cherry tomato/basil pizza, and smoothies.  Babydoll’s job was to cut sweet red peppers.  They were also given a little nutrition lesson.

We finished the day off by visiting Whole Foods {*heart* that place} and picking up some grass fed beef {SO yummy}, organic grass fed dairy products {the whipping cream was a bit darker in color and had SO much more flavor}, yummy bread, and pizzas!