September 15, 2010

Delicious turkey, anyone?

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September 14, 2010

Cutting up strawberries for pancakes

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Field Trip No. 1

Yesterday Babydoll and I went to Jones Valley Urban Farm with a few other homeschoolers,  After a brief lesson on the parts of a plant, what plants need to grow, and the collection of rain water to water the plants, the kids got to walk through the farm.  They learned about some of the plants {I was rather excited to see amaranth and shiso *raises food geek hand*}, got to harvest arugula and basil, and were able to see a few chickens.

 Once they were finished outside, they took their bounty into the kitchen and helped prepare a health snack of arugula pesto pizza, cherry tomato/basil pizza, and smoothies.  Babydoll’s job was to cut sweet red peppers.  They were also given a little nutrition lesson.

We finished the day off by visiting Whole Foods {*heart* that place} and picking up some grass fed beef {SO yummy}, organic grass fed dairy products {the whipping cream was a bit darker in color and had SO much more flavor}, yummy bread, and pizzas!

Maybe You Had to Be There…

Babydoll and I are working on a spelling unit about root words and suffixes that start with a consonant.  Her assignment was to go through a list of sentences, find the missing word from her spelling list, and circle the root word.

One of her sentences was:

The firemen were {blank} in their efforts to put out the huge fire.”

The answer was:

The firemen were tireless in their efforts to put out the huge fire.”

Babydoll’s answer was:

The firemen were useless in their efforts to put out the huge fire.”

Now, maybe it’s because we’ve been doing schoolwork for several hours and I’m about ready to scream, but that just sent me over the edge.  I laughed hysterically {to the point of crying actual tears} for minutes, while my husband and Babydoll looked on, scared to ask what I was laughing at.  I explained to her the answer that was given in the book, and how, while her answer worked, maybe it wasn’t as applicable {hopefully} to everyday life.

On a side note, Babydoll is perfectly content doing hours of school a day.  Some of the time it’s because she is enjoying what she’s doing, some of the time it’s because she’s going through the material at a leisurely pace so she can chat with Daddy, some of the time it’s because she’s wasting some time while doing it.  She loves school.  One day when we had quite a few other appointments and didn’t get to school, she begged at 10 pm if we could do some school.  So, yes, I need to figure out how to focus her more to get her work done in a more efficient manner {because I can’t handle doing this A-L-L day}.  But, rest-assured I am not torturing her by sitting her down for book work for hours on end.  She gets up, moves around, eats, uses the bathroom, etc.  Last thing I need is a truancy officer knocking down my door for shoving learning down my child’s throat… 


Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Lots of Online Activity

Well, we’ve got another one of those crazy weeks under our belt.  I once again feel like I’ve had several epiphanies when it comes to our routine, school schedule, and fitting it all in.  As far as sticking to my cleaning schedule goes, it was a wash {got stuff done but not when it was ‘supposed’ to and not all of it}.  However, overall it was a pretty decent week.  I was still trying to catch us up on some History and Science, so once again, that was the bulk of our week.  Next week we’ll move toward a more traditional schedule.

Addition worksheets {for review} and Menu Math made up the bulk of our Math for the week.  Silly me didn’t think to check the Menu Math before handing it over to Babydoll, so she ended up struggling through the last two sets, where she was expected to add and subtract things like $6.97 and $4.59.  For a brand new 3rd grader, that was akin to torture.  She attempted it all without coming to complain and actually got a few right.

Tuesday we had a Girl Scouts meeting.  It is a homeschool troop, so we meet in the mornings two Tuesdays a month.  We have a combination of ages, so myself and another mother lead the two third grade Brownies, and two of the other moms lead the Daisies.  Babydoll and her Brownie teammate chose not one, not two, but three community service projects to work on:  the library, the vet, and a food pantry.  They are really excited!

Babydoll participated in a reading comprehension class online this week that she really enjoyed.  It was taught by Toni Williams through CurrClick.  She learned how to highlight important {and only important} text in a reading passage and how to use that information to answer questions.

Babydoll’s blog got some attention this week as well.  She made an About Me page, her first post, and added a Feedburner widget and custom signature.  We learned about a homeschool blogging correspondence course being taught by a co-op mom in Illinois, so she decided to join.  It combines all sorts of useful and technical blogging instruction with composition and grammar instruction using DownWRITE Funny.  So far, it’s been a great class!  She is also joining Challenge Yourself to Blog.

A play date, soccer practice, and the first soccer game of the season ended our week.  Tonight we’re having Make Your Own Pizza night, which includes fruit pizza!

How was your week?  Be sure to check out other weekly wrap-ups at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!