Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Menu Math

Man, it’s been one of those weeks…  I’m still working out the kinks in our routine, but I have to say, it’s coming along rather nicely.  It is becoming very apparent, very quickly, that I need to let go of the perfectionism and just accept the fact that things will not always {ever} be perfect, things will come up that completely derail the routine, and sometimes {for the sanity of all involved} I just need a nap.  The good news is that I feel more focused and hopeful for a great year going forward.  {Oh, and I walked on the treadmill five times this week!}

The big, super-fun, OMG-I-can’t-wait-to-do-it item starting Babydoll’s week off was Menu Math.  This is one of the few things I’ve actually paid for from CurrClick {they have tons of free resources} and I’m glad I did.  You’re given about 12 fictional menus with silly names {Sloppy Stans} and two sheets of questions per menu.  Questions range from “Which items are $.30?” to “Lisa bought a burger and milkshake.  She paid with a $10 bill, what was her change?”  While some of it was a challenge for her, Babydoll thoroughly enjoyed the concept.  At the end of the lessons, there is a blank menu, place setting, and order form so we can have our own restaurant.

Another fun aspect of the week was our unit on magnets.  Daddy joined us for the day and helped with things like reading What Makes a Magnet? and making a compass.  We’re now working on sounds and next will be the human body.

We continued our study of blogging with a second lesson, focusing on what a blog is.  We reviewed the ABC Blook on Blogging and Blogging:  It’s Elementary.  The first lesson was a brainstorming session on naming Babydoll’s blog.  The next lesson will focus on internet safety, and we’ll continue to tweak the design of her blog in preparation for it’s unveiling.

In addition, there were doctor’s appointments, two forgotten dentist appointments, a soccer practice, and a cranky mommy that needed {and got} a nap.  I also did more planning for the year and worked on my binders {more to come later}.

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