Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Passport

Time flies when you’re having fun!  This week flew by; it just blows my mind!  We really cracked down on our work this week, and started including our regular core subjects.

One of the highlights of Babydoll’s week was our trip to Jones Valley Urban Farm.  While it wasn’t quite what she expected {she thought she’d get to do a bit more of the cooking}, she enjoyed the trip.

We also knocked out a few spelling units, vocabulary, analogies, and talked about space and plane figures.  I’m not going to lie, this stuff was fairly dry.  Babydoll did enjoy studying about space figures because she got to play around with wood figures {and write on them to count sides, edges, and corners – oh so naughty}.

Literature involved reading The Glory of Greece and learning all about philosophers, the Parthenon, columns, friezes, and other totally awesome ancient Greek things.  It was a killer unit and she rocked it!

Although this may not be of any consequence to anyone other than the person writing this, I have to mention it so that if nothing else, I remember it.  Ava’s been working on Handwriting Without Tears cursive writing, but she hasn’t finished the workbook yet, which means she hasn’t learned how to make all of her cursive letters yet.  She so wants to write completely in cursive, though, so she’s been doing all of her work in cursive this week.  I’ve got to remember to save some of this stuff; it’s super.

In History we’ve been learning about feudalism and castle life.  Babydoll made a catapult {it launched grains of rice across the room} and a diorama of a great hall.  She really seemed to enjoy this; then again, she loves history period.

On Friday we ditched school in favor of going to The Cheesecake Factory with Daddy {uber fun} and running errands/grocery shopping {not so fun}.  We came home to find Babydoll’s suitcase from Little Passports had been delivered.  I hadn’t told her about it, so she was super excited to open it and look through everything.  We’ll incorporate the country study into our schedule each month.

We had three rounds of soccer practice this week, had our new meal plan come in handy, and have been working on re-organizing {if it’s not functional what good does it do you?} and cleaning the house.  We’re looking forward to a break over the weekend before it starts all over again next week!

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