Child ID Kit

I am super-paranoid when it comes to my daughter’s safety. Maybe I just watch too much TV, but I always worry about her becoming one of the more than 2,000 children abducted each day.  Even if she’s not abducted, she could easily get lost.  It’s definitely not a fun subject, but sadly it does need to be discussed.

I originally bought the USB Child ID from early last year.  I believe I read about it in a magazine, I’m not sure.  All I knew was that I was paranoid, I was about to send my daughter off to summer camp for the first time, and we were moving across the country.

I despised the little paper ID kits that got sent home with school pictures, simply because it was one more sheet of paper I had to keep track of {maybe if I had a household notebook then it wouldn’t have been so difficult?}.  I’ve told you guys that I’m a geek, and I love all things technological {probably not all things, but most of it sure is fun}, so having a handy USB device to tote around with me was a much better option in my eyes.

The device was easy to use, essentially plug-and-play.  I was able to enter Babydoll’s contact and identifying information, parent, family, and friend contact information, social media information, pictures, etc.  All of it was information that would be helpful in quickly issuing an AMBER Alert if need be.

Tonight I was updating the USB device and decided to check the website for updates.  The website let me know that they have since changed/updated the device. now offers the My Child ID,

an elephant-shaped key chain USB device that holds all the info necessary to issue an AMBER Alert and assist authorities in retrieving your child if he or she is lost or abducted.  The information can be transmitted electronically to law enforcement when time is of the essence.

In addition to the My Child ID device, also offers a free child ID kit download and a less-expensive option for those not wishing to purchase the USB device.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you use, I just implore each of you to put together some sort of ID kit to have on hand that can quickly be accessed in case of emergency.  It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

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~For the record, has no idea who I am; I just like their products.~