Field Trip No. 2

For today’s field trip we headed to Bud’s Best Cookies!  Sure, it’s not very educational, but really, who doesn’t like fresh cookies?  And there was a train ride.  Through the cookie factory.  Need I say more?  Well of course I shall say more!  What fun is posting about a field trip to the cookie factory without going into every sweet detail about the cookie factory tour?

Generally you won’t catch me anywhere {except my bed} at 8:45 am, especially not heading into Birmingham that early.  But, I had heard great things about this tour, so I signed Babydoll and I up.  The drive really wasn’t that bad and as we got closer to the factory, you could literally smell the scent of fresh cookies creeping into the car

***Side Note***
I also learned a new shortcut to that part of town, which, with traffic the way it is on the main highway from our town into B’ham, is a super exciting thing.  Although, I don’t know that I’d call it a shortcut, as I don’t know that it really shaved any time off the drive.  However, if it means I don’t have to sit in stop-and-go traffic and at the lights that have been so “thoughtfully” timed, then I’m all for it. 
***End of Side Note***

We parked and made our way through the cookie-scented parking lot.  That is something wondrous on a fall day, let me tell you; smelling cookies in the crisp air with beautiful green trees around you.  After we checked in, we were asked to put on hair nets.  That was fun {not}.

We boarded the train and our conductor took us off into cookie land.

We were able to see the huge mixers, the huge ovens {up to 180 feet long}, the huge packaging machine, and the huge robotic arms that packed cookies.  Oddly, they were missing a huge cookie…  Go figure.  We were given fresh vanilla wafers, straight out of the oven.  I’m not a fan of wafers, but I tried it to say I had and gave the rest to Babydoll.  She absolutely loved them.

The train meandered through the factory, where we saw the boxes being loaded onto pallets and placed onto trucks.  At the end of the tour Babydoll was given a coloring book and two bags of cookies.  She definitely thought it was worth waking up for.