Field Trip No. 4 – AL Symphony Orchestra & McWane Science Center

Today was our second field trip of the week.  We headed to the AL Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Concert Series to hear their “Air, Land, and Sea” presentation.  It was absolutely outstanding!  I was so sad that it only lasted an hour.
We weren’t quite sure what to expect, other than the orchestra playing music.  Neither Babydoll or I had ever been to an orchestra, however, we have attended ballets.  I was curious how it would work sitting there listening to the music with no “action” to go along with it.  We were so pleasantly surprised.
Not only did we get to hear some great pieces, they integrated audience participation and explained the pieces as well as a bit about each composer.  We, as the audience, even got to put together our own “symphony”.  One section was the wind, one section was the waves, and one section were seagulls.  The conductor conducted each section, asking us to elevate and soften our sounds to create an interesting experience.  We even got to participate as cuckoos during the Im Krapfenwaldl Polka {one of my favorites}.  The conductor informed us that literally translated, this forest in Germany is “the little jelly doughnut”.  I don’t know how accurate this is, but in my cursory glance on a Google search I did come upon “Doughnutwood”.
Part of our season ticket fee covered admission to McWane Science Center next door.  We changed out of our pretty {uncomfortable} symphony-going shoes and into our flip flops and went in!
Several exhibits were set up that reinforced things we’ve been learning, such as the exhibit on cells and cell division.  Babydoll also went to exhibits on dinosaurs, water, and the big bass.
Babydoll thoroughly enjoyed touching the sharks and the stingrays in the touch tank.
There were quite a few school groups visiting that day, so we couldn’t see everything, but we’ll head back soon.  All-in-all, it was a great day!