Household Notebook

What the heck is a household notebook?  Yep, I thought the exact same thing when I first read about them.

“I’m pretty organized on my own, I don’t need yet another thing to keep track of.”

How completely stupid I was. 

Having a household notebook has been one of the single greatest things I personally could have done for my home.  I am the type of person that needs to see something in black and white {or pink} in order to really feel together.  Otherwise, I feel like I have this massive amount of crap swarming around in my brain.  I know a few of you know what I mean; I can’t be the only one…

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I first stumbled upon the idea of a household notebook while reading Cynthia Ewer’s book, Houseworks.  For what it’s worth, I love the book.  It’s short, sweet, and full of practical and useful information on running a clean, organized, efficient, and functional home.  Love, love, love it!

Besides all of the other great info contained in the book, Ewer explains how to set up a household notebook.  Basically, this is the command center for your home.  It contains everything from takeout menus to emergency contact information to weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning checklists.  The beauty of the notebook is that you personalize it to fit your family.

I am still diligently working on mine, but I’ve got a good skeleton notebook going.  Inside you will find:

-  Emergency contact information
-  Master to do list {every time a “to do” pops into my head, onto the master list it goes}
-  Daily to do lists {a compilation of appointments, tasks from the master to do list, who to call, etc.}
-  Weekly chore list {cleaning that needs to be completed each week}
-  Minimum maintenance {no matter what happens during our day, these things need to get done}
-  Monthly checklist {things that must be cleaned/completed on a monthly rotating basis}
-  Seasonal checklist {things that must be cleaned/completed on a seasonal basis}
-  Forms that need to be filled out
-  Takeout menus

Ewer recommends dividing the book using dividers and filling it with plenty of page protectors {they come in handy for takeout menus and other such items}.  She has a ton of free printable pages that can be found here!

The notebook actually doesn’t take that much time to compile, and if you like organizing, it’s super fun to put together.  This is the first week since we’ve been back in town that I’ve had a chance to really put to practice the checklists and other goodies, and I have to tell you, I’m really loving it.  With homeschooling, my schooling, Girl Scouts, soccer, and everything else, I feel like this thing thinks for me {I’m not crazy}.  It’s flexible enough to allow leeway for our various days, yet rigid enough to hold me to a standard and a routine.

Do you have any special ways of maintaining your household?