New Blog Design!

I am so excited to be able to finally show you all my new blog design!!  Tracey over at Little Bitty Blog Designs was a doll to work with and did a super-awesome job of dealing with my picky tail!

I won the makeover over at The Tuckers Take Tennessee, entering because I have wanted a new design basically from the time I started the blog.  I didn’t really think I was going to win, but jumped around like a school girl when I got the email from Meghan letting me know I had {of course, all the while feeling bad for those that hadn’t won}.

The process was easy, fun, and I’m so happy with the end result.  The design of the blog is one less thing I need to worry about now, because as all of us know, these things take up way more time than we ever knew they would!

Thank you to all my loyal readers; I love that people enjoy reading what I’m putting out there.  I hope to bring you lots of great new content to go along with the great new blog!