Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With Lots of Field Trips and Fun

This week was so incredibly busy, but it was so fun!  I even did a superb job of telling myself that it was completely alright that the house looked “lived in”.  Remember that trip we took last week?  Yeah, we still haven’t done any of the laundry, cleaning, unpacking…  And you know what?  At this point I’m OK with that, because it will get done in due time.  At any rate, on to the fun!

The week started off fairly boring, with me catching up on internet things {ever notice how fast time can slip by when you’re on the ‘net?} and us driving an hour and a half to Montgomery to pick up our fair ribbons.  Babydoll got a merit ribbon for her coconut cake and I got a third place ribbon for my lemon cake.

The following day was spent at our SIFAT CARES field trip.  I blogged about that earlier this week, so be sure to check this post out to find out all about this wonderful trip that focused on global awareness.

Hearing the AL Symphony Orchestra play and enjoying the science center were the next day’s frivolities.  I also blogged {here} about this trip earlier this week.

Thursday was one of my personal favorites, as a generous portion of the day was spent at the library {told you I was a geek}.  I just love the library {and bookstores for that matter}.  I used to want to be a librarian {I’m not sure what changed my mind}.   

Hoover Public Library is one of the most amazing libraries I’ve ever been to.  So amazing in fact that many people {us included} who do not live in the county pay $50 a year for a library card to the library system in Jefferson County.  The beauty is that not only is the Hoover Library amazing {although it’s probably the most amazing of them all}, but others in the system are as well.  We also visited the Emmet O’Neal Library in Mountain Brook and it was pretty sweet too.

We’re trying to make our trip to the Hoover Library a twice a month trip.  It’s a bit of a drive {45 minutes in B’ham traffic}, but very much worth it.  I brought my laptop and worked on my schoolwork while Babydoll was a kid in a candy store, quickly walking around {because we don’t run in the library…} scooping up book after book. 

She’s taken a liking to graphic novels {age-appropriate, of course}, Garfield, and still enjoys series books like Magic Tree House and Judy Moody.  We finish up our visit with a trip to the Coffeeology cafe, where every two weeks they add a new mini menu that focuses on a different ethnic cuisine.  This we ate Mexican fare!

After we were done at the Hoover Library, we headed across town to music class.  Babydoll showed off her flutes and a drum {from Ecuador} that she bought from SIFAT and sang and danced for an hour.

From there we headed to the Emmet O’Neal Library to sign Babydoll up for Hogwarts Night at the B’ham Zoo.  We had no idea what fun awaited us.  

Babydoll was given an official application to Hogwarts, which asked for things such as was she “muggle born” or from a “highly connected wizarding family”, what her muggle school affiliation was, information on any “unfortunate encounters with magical creatures or dangerous plant life” and any known antidotes.

After she turned her application in, it went into the magical filing cabinet where an admissions decision would be made.  After a short wait, we learned that she was indeed allowed to attend Hogwarts.  

It was now time for her to pick her wand {or as any HP fan knows, for the wand to pick her} from Ollivander’s wand shop.  She ended up with a 9″ maple wand with a hair from the mane of a kelpie inside.  The wand is good for all sorts of spells and is said to bring the user great wealth.

She was encouraged to dress the part for her attendance at Hogwarts as well, so we’ll be sewing a cloak and a few other items for her.  She is so excited!

We’re finishing up the week with a little math and history and spending time with Daddy before he starts an extensive overtime period. 

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