A Poem from Babydoll

Babydoll gave this to me yesterday. I tell ya, the stuff that comes out of her head; she’s so creative! I definitely couldn’t have put this together. And yes, we have discussed the dangers of drinking with her… *wink*

The Mommy Poem
My mind my eyes
my heart you see will
always be from my mommy.
We may sometimes disagree
but love for you will always
be. When I need help you will
always come and when he
needs some you will get
Daddy rum.


Get Yer Vote On!

It’s time to vote for your favorite homeschool blogs over at The Homeschool Post! Sweet Phenomena is listed in the Best New Homeschool Blog category!

Now, I know that there’s no way I’ll win, what with blogs like Life’s Adventures, Confessions of a Homeschooler, The Homeschool Village, The Tuckers Take Tennessee, The Homeschool Chick, and many more keeping me company in the category. And I’d be telling a lie if I said I didn’t want to win {who wouldn’t?}.

However, I didn’t start this blog to win awards, I started it for me, my family, and my readers. And as long as we’re all OK with being number 60 on that list, then I’ll continue to provide you with {what I hope to be} great content, some {hopefully} useful info, and a few sweet surprises along the way.

If you’d like to vote {for any blog, not necessarily mine}, you can view the Best New Homeschool Blog category here. Click here for a list of all the other categories, and check out some of the awesome blogs that have been nominated!

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Congratulations to all the nominees; I know I can’t wait to check out all the blogs previously unbeknownst to me!


My Poor Babydoll!

This poor child has been through some pretty nasty stuff the past couple of weeks! First, a cavity she had filled about a month ago turned into an abscess which ended up requiring many shots and medicine being shoved into the tooth in an attempt to fix it. The dentist put her on amoxicillin to try to clear up the infection, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it has worked.

Which brings me to the next chapter in our saga.

Last night she developed really bad hives {they made the ER doctor go “WOW! Those really are some hives…”} from the amoxicillin.  She had been on it for eleven days, so for whatever reason her body just decided to become allergic at this point.

She had to get two shots in her rear, one of which apparently stung very much. She cried like I’ve never seen her cry before. Afterward, she was on the hospital bed writhing in pain for about 20 minutes. The doctor placed her on two meds to help with the reaction and recommended I get her into an allergist ASAP.

Her hives are gone and aside from a sore tushy, she seems to be doing much better. The sad part, though, is that the amoxicillin didn’t work, so it looks like her tooth will have to come out. Thankfully, it’s a baby molar, but she’s still pretty upset about it. They place a spacer to leave room for her adult molar, and I don’t think you’ll be able to see it, but she’s rather upset that she’ll have a “hole” in her mouth.

Amidst all of this, I’ve got several things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for a husband who, despite being smack in the middle of working three straight weeks of 10.5 hour days, got dressed and came to the ER with us in the middle of the night.

Also, I am thankful for insurance. Yep, that’s right. This is totally not tongue-in-cheek, I really am grateful for the fact that the cost of the ER visit was one less thing I had to worry about last night. I am sad for all the people that don’t have that luxury, which coincidentally shouldn’t be a luxury {but that’s another conversation for another time}.

Lastly, I am thankful for my Babydoll being such a trooper through all of this. She’s held up beautifully, and I think the most pain has been for me, as a mom, having to sit beside her helpless through all of this.


Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Library Visits, Girl Scouts, and Errands

This has been one of those whirlwind weeks!  Babydoll and I seemed to always be hopping from here to there and then over to there and then…

We did manage to get a bit of school done.  We continued our study of Africa during Medieval Times.  In Math-U-See, we are finishing up our review of addition facts.  Babydoll took a spelling test, read more poetry, worked on handwriting, and learned new vocabulary.

In addition to school, we had a Girl Scout meeting, during which the girls learned all about stranger safety by watching Stranger Safety. I love The Safe Side; it’s fun, it’s easy to understand and remember, and it covers most of the basics.  That night I went to a meeting {that lasted almost three hours} where I was trained as our Troop Cookie Manager.  That’s right, it’s almost Girl Scout cookie time!

We ended up at the library twice this week, once to return the books Babydoll has already read and pick up some we had on hold, and once to pick up more books we had on hold.  We ate at the coffee shop in the library; this week they were doing Turkish food.

Today we had to run a few errands and Babydoll had a playdate at the house.  My friend and I planned Girl Scout cookie activities and co-op stuff while the girls played.  I am thankful for the opportunity Babydoll is having to get to know a girl her age.  She had to leave her best friend behind in WA, and even though she sees kids each week at various homeschool activities, you can’t beat getting to know someone one-on-one without the surrounding school/field trip/scouts activities going on.  I think we’re going to start the new year off with a cooking class, using a couple of Alton Brown cookbooks as our textbooks.  Should be interesting.

Oh, and I found this random thing over at Five J’s this week and I love it.  You can download it here.

We also discovered Etsy and we {heart} it.  I’ve known about Etsy for a while, but never really shopped around on there too much.  Wow.  What I was missing

That’s about it.  On the one hand it seems that we had so much going on, yet on the other it seems that it really wasn’t all that packed.  Either way it was enjoyable.

How was your week?  Be sure to check out other weekly wrap-ups over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Photo Credit:  Five J’s


Thankful Hearts Blog Hop

Love the idea behind this blog hop! I really enjoy seeing everyone’s blogs and getting {stealing} so many great ideas from them. Be sure to visit this blog for more information on this hop.

So, let’s see… I’ve got a gargantuan amount of stuff to be thankful for, but I shall single one thing out for this post. I am thankful for the time that I’ve been spending cooking and baking with Babydoll.

Anyone that knows me knows I am not a crafty mom. I love to craft certain things, and if I see something that I think is worth our time, I will craft. But, I am not one of those moms that will sit there with crayons and glue and construction paper. It just irritates me to no end for some reason. But I do have something that I enjoy doing and that I can do relatively well, and that’s working in the kitchen.

Babydoll is now old enough to be able to help out quite a bit in the kitchen. This week we’ve baked coconut cupcakes, prepped dinners during our 5 Dinners in 1 Hour prep hour, and cooked up a fun Sunday night meal. I so enjoy this quality time with her, and she really enjoys it too {she lets me know every night before she goes to bed}.

My dream is that someday, when she’s much older, she’ll look back on this time with fond memories and know how much I love her and enjoyed sharing that time with her. Oh, and I hope she knows how to cook…