An Update {in lieu of a Wrap-Up}


I missed our wrap-up last week!  Shoot, I pretty much missed blogging about anything last week…

Remember my previous post about Babydoll’s tooth and the ensuing drama with amoxicillin and her ER visit?  Yeah, well, it wasn’t over

Last week started with such promise.  I made myself sit down on Sunday evening and plan out her lessons for the week.  I filled her workboxesWe were ready to go.

I was so wrong.

Monday went OK, with us getting most of the work done.

I’m not sure what happened on Tuesday; that was a blur and I can’t remember it.  How sad is that.

Wednesday Babydoll had an appointment with an allergist.  It was supposed to just be a visit to go over the process, but when they found out she wasn’t on the steroid prescribed by the ER doctor, they decided to go ahead and test her.  I thought to myself {and then falsely assured Babydoll} that it would be no problem.  After all, I’d had an allergy test before and all they do is the little sticks that don’t hurt at all.

I was so wrong.

Apparently a penicillin allergy test is a bit different.  Sure, first they do the little sticks, but if you have no reaction to that, there’s more…  The next round involved six needles to the arm.  These were the biggest needles I think I’ve ever seen; I’m not even joking.  It was done more like a TB test than a shot, but Babydoll wailed worse than I’ve ever seen her wail.  She bled.  A lot.  And guess what?  That round of testing turned out negative.  Yes, we were in the clear!

Yep, you guessed it: I was so wrong.

There was yet another round of the shots, thankfully only two this time.  Same huge needles {well, not the same needles, but the same type}, same wailing, same bleeding.  If this round didn’t work, I was told I’d have to take her home and give her a dose of the amoxicillin to see if she had a reaction {what kind of sense does that make?}.  Finally, this concentrated dose worked and she had the reaction they were looking for.  After the ordeal was over, we were sent away with a note stating she was allergic to all penicillin.

I felt so bad about what Babydoll had just went through {and had been unprepared for}, so I decided she needed a special something.  Then I saw it:  Krispy Kreme.  That could be her special something.  And she enjoyed that special something.

And you can’t stop at Krispy Kreme for a special something without heading over to the library across the street {you know, the awesome one} for another special something.  Several special somethings actually:  books!  That made her even more happy.

After the library we decided to head over to the mall.  We rarely go {mainly because I can’t handle being around groups of people I don’t know}, but it was there and she needed an outfit for her Hogwarts night in a few days.  We shopped, she found a pretty sparkly dress she liked, she tried on clothes, we bought aforementioned sparkly dress and her Hermione outfit, bought Daddy an anniversary gift {Wednesday was our nine year wedding anniversary}, and ate a late lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  All of this made her even more happy.  Mission accomplished.

Thursday Babydoll had music class, and afterward we headed to a craft show.  We had so much fun shopping, and found a bunch of great local artists.  We even bought a few items.

Friday ended up being an impromptu {planned via text message and email late the night before} shopping day with a couple of our friends at a couple of craft shows.  We found more stuff we liked.  And we bought more stuff.

Saturday night was the night Babydoll had been waiting for:  Hogwarts at the zoo

Sunday was spent doing more shopping, which meant the day was pretty much a wash as it related to planning and cleaning.

Then it hit me:  we get done what we think is a priority.  Not that Babydoll isn’t a priority {I think anyone that knows us knows she most definitely is}, and not that her education isn’t important, but I felt like we had teetered to the wrong side of that fine line between too much extra stuff and just enough.  I joked that we were taking our winter break early, and I did have so much fun spending quality time with Babydoll {yes, shopping, eating out, and library visits are quality time for us-we chat and enjoy each others company}, but I had this knawing feeling that we really should have gotten more school done.  I could have salvaged some of the week.

So late Sunday night I sat down and planned our school week again.  I made time for it.  I filled the workboxes, finally deciding to implement a “work with Mommy” first rule {all the boxes that she needed my assistance with were done first, before lunch}, and then she was to work on the other boxes that she didn’t need my help with afterward.  It worked well and we got all the boxes done, with the exception of one that was weather-dependent {and the weather wasn’t cooperating}.  My wonderful husband even helped me clean the house {it had been seriously neglected}.  I finished the day by heading out on my own for a little Hobby Lobby and grocery shopping time.

Here’s hoping for a better week.  Stay tuned…