Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We Got Back On Track {sort of}

Last week was a bit better in terms of getting back to a more normal schedule. Really, though, what is normal? I’m quickly learning that there’s no normal; it’s really all about how well you keep the crap in nice tidy order…

I’ll keep this update short and sweet because there weren’t any particularly shining moments within each lesson that stood out, just the simple fact that we were getting through them was stellar in and of itself…

We’re finishing up a unit on adjectives and articles in grammar, learning about Hans Christian Anderson and some of his tales in literature, working on more spelling and vocabulary, studying math flashcards to finish up the last few facts that need memorizing, adding to the Crazy Eights blog, and continuing the quest for cursive perfection.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband helping me clean the house this week.  In addition, we ditched school and hung out with him for the afternoon on Tuesday {he is finally finished with his three straight weeks of 10.5 hours day-with no day off in between}, did some fun crafts at our Girl Scout meeting, ran some errands {we did school in the car dealership’s waiting room}, had another fabulous playdate, and attended a Girl Scout cookie rally. 

We finished off the week by getting fabulous hair cuts and deep conditioning treatments!  {I hate, hate, hate getting my picture taken.  Hate it.  But, I thought I’d be brave and post one here on the blog.  The first step to recovery is acceptance, right?  Or something like that…}

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