Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Library Visits, Girl Scouts, and Errands

This has been one of those whirlwind weeks!  Babydoll and I seemed to always be hopping from here to there and then over to there and then…

We did manage to get a bit of school done.  We continued our study of Africa during Medieval Times.  In Math-U-See, we are finishing up our review of addition facts.  Babydoll took a spelling test, read more poetry, worked on handwriting, and learned new vocabulary.

In addition to school, we had a Girl Scout meeting, during which the girls learned all about stranger safety by watching Stranger Safety. I love The Safe Side; it’s fun, it’s easy to understand and remember, and it covers most of the basics.  That night I went to a meeting {that lasted almost three hours} where I was trained as our Troop Cookie Manager.  That’s right, it’s almost Girl Scout cookie time!

We ended up at the library twice this week, once to return the books Babydoll has already read and pick up some we had on hold, and once to pick up more books we had on hold.  We ate at the coffee shop in the library; this week they were doing Turkish food.

Today we had to run a few errands and Babydoll had a playdate at the house.  My friend and I planned Girl Scout cookie activities and co-op stuff while the girls played.  I am thankful for the opportunity Babydoll is having to get to know a girl her age.  She had to leave her best friend behind in WA, and even though she sees kids each week at various homeschool activities, you can’t beat getting to know someone one-on-one without the surrounding school/field trip/scouts activities going on.  I think we’re going to start the new year off with a cooking class, using a couple of Alton Brown cookbooks as our textbooks.  Should be interesting.

Oh, and I found this random thing over at Five J’s this week and I love it.  You can download it here.

We also discovered Etsy and we {heart} it.  I’ve known about Etsy for a while, but never really shopped around on there too much.  Wow.  What I was missing

That’s about it.  On the one hand it seems that we had so much going on, yet on the other it seems that it really wasn’t all that packed.  Either way it was enjoyable.

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Photo Credit:  Five J’s