And She Suddenly Appears…

Boy, have I missed you guys!  I can’t believe that November 21st was the last time I posted a blog entry.  That is just shameful.  Really.  It is.  And so, I apologize to you, my super-awesome readers, for up and abandoning you.

Although, I didn’t really abandon you per se, I just took a little hiatus.  Yes, we’ll call it that, a hiatus.  That sounds so much more glamorous than abandoning, dontcha think?

Really, what we call it is neither here nor there at this point.  I bet you’re sitting there with baited breath waiting to hear what sort of glorious and wonderful things I was up to.  Right?


We were sick.  ForEVER.  Seriously.  It just would not end.  And when it did let up for a bit, I was so busy with other things that I either didn’t have time to write or I just didn’t want to write.  I know that sounds horrible and believe me, I felt bad that I just up and left, but I really could not find it within myself to post anything.  I don’t know what the deal was, but I’d come here a couple of times and think, Man, it sure would be a lot of work to format a blog post right now; I don’t feel like it.

And so, like a petulant child, I dug my heels in and refused to write.

Oh, I did other things during that time:  we got a new dog, went to see a ballet, baked up a storm, started planning Girl Scout cookie sales, and traveled back home for a very short visit.  But, add that to being sick, and there was very little time for much of anything else.

Toward the end of November, I became sick with the flu and Babydoll became sick with a cold.  Mine lasted about two full weeks and ended with me losing my voice for about a week and not getting any better.  Vince finally made me go see a doctor who put me on four different medicines.  Yay, things are finally clearing up!

Not so fast…

We had a bit of a respite and enjoyed the beginning of our month off from school, but then it hit again.  Babydoll had croup (yes, at eight years old) and it was bad.  It started the day we got our puppy and I thought it was just a cold or the flu.  But she got really bad, really fast.  She could barely breathe, had no voice, and had a 102+ degree fever for about three days.  She didn’t eat, barely drank, and stayed in bed for days. 

I barely got any sleep for days, and don’t think I could have gotten through it without my wonderful husband.  Despite working nights during that period, he came home each day and helped out around the house and kept things in order so I could get some much needed rest in preparation for the next night of steamy bathrooms, drives with the windows down in the cold night air, and calming down a freaked out child.

In a nutshell, that’s where I’ve been.  Today was the first day we were able to get back to a somewhat normal routine as far as school goes.  Last week was supposed to be our week back, but we ended up going out of town at the last minute to see my brother who was on leave from the Army.  I hadn’t seen him in over a year.

Hopefully we’ve been dealt our fair share of this, at least for a while.  It was great to have a break, but I can’t help but feel frazzled and not “together” right now.  It’s killing me, but I’m trying to just accept it as part of life and tell myself that it will get better.