The Magic Connector

This is probably one of the stupidest things any person has ever thought of to teach something, but hey, it came to me in the moment and it livened up an otherwise tense grammar session.

We’ve been discussing connecting sentences (same subject, same predicate, etc.). Babydoll did great with everything, but couldn’t quite grasp the connecting two full sentences with a comma and the word “and”. I just couldn’t figure out a way to explain it so she would understand it.

The way I was explaining it made sense to me. But all I got was a blank stare.

Panic set in.

Oh crap.

What the heck am I supposed to do now?

There’s no other information in the curriculum as to how to explain this further.


She passed the test, but I just didn’t feel she got it.

So later we sat down and I said, “‘And’ is a magic connector. It allows you to connect two complete sentences together. You need to keep the first sentence from jamming right into the magic connector and the other sentence though, so you need the comma, which is your speed bump.”

And she got it.

To me, that just seems like so much to explain something that could be explained in a much simpler manner {you know, the one I was already trying to teach her}. But it worked. And she looked so excited. And she laughed.

I was feeling really darn good about myself.