Really Random Ramblings

You ever have those moments where stuff {craziness} is racing through your mind, and you just want to tell someone? Well, my husband is at work and Babydoll is at a friend’s house, so I thought I’d just write about it. So, we’ll see where this goes; you’ve been warned…

I love everything Oprah.  No, not in a creepy stalker kind of way, but in a I-like-watching-her-show-and-her-new-network kind of way.  I’m loving the new OWN network, particularly the Master Class series.  Last weekend the show featured Jay-Z, and let me tell you, while I didn’t agree with every little thing he said, it was such an insightful show that I DVRed it for Babydoll to watch the next day.  Tonight’s show will feature Maya Angelou, and yes, the DVR will be rolling.

I always wanted to attend a taping of the Oprah show.  When I found out this would be her last season, I thought there would be no way I’d ever get to attend one.  Then, about halfway through the season, I heard on her XM channel that you could try to get last-minute tickets and look for reservation windows to open up.  I randomly checked the site the other day and there was a link for last-minute reservations.

I was uber-excited.

I had to compose myself so I could type my little thing about why I wanted to attend.

I proofread.

I hit submit.

I got the crushing message that they were no longer accepting emails.

I was crushed.  I felt like such a weirdo; I cried.  I actually cried because I had lost out on an opportunity to possibly maybe be selected to go to a taping of the Oprah show.

I don’t give up though, and I have this bad habit of wanting to get what I want, so I’ll be trying till I can’t try anymore.

Last night I sat down and fleshed out lesson plans for the rest of the year.  That gave me a bit of a headache.  It was just a ton of information to sort through.  I have a good skeleton guide in place, though, and I’m very excited about it.  It’s such a great feeling to know you have direction again.

I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on next year’s curriculum {I buy in the spring, so I need to figure it out soon}.  It’ll be a bit of the old and bit of the new.  Look for a post soon about what we’ll be using.

We’re in the midst of selling Girl Scout cookies.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I’m not a huge fan of being cookie mom on top of being troop leader.  I’m not a huge fan of being around and talking to a bunch of people I don’t know.  I’m not a fan of trucking Babydoll hither and yon to sell enough to reach her 400 box goal.  However, the fact that she is such a go-getter and really coming out of her comfort zone to go and talk to stranger after stranger makes it all worth it.  She is so excited, she is doing so well, she is turning “Sorry, I’m on a diet” responses into “Sure, I’ll donate some boxes to your Gift of Caring campaign”.  I am in awe.  That makes it enjoyable, seeing her work so hard.  Hopefully someday she’ll look back and think, “Wow, my mom really tried to give me every opportunity she could to reach my goals.”

The new puppy is so enjoyable.  I love him!  I’ll be glad when the whole potty training thing is over and I’ll be glad when he and the cat can be next to each other without all manner of craziness ensuing.  But, he’s fun.  Check out Winston Fitzpatrick over there to the left.

I graduate in 97 days. In 97 days, I will have a piece of paper that basically means I paid a lot of money to finally finish my associate’s degree. But, at the same time, it represents the fact that I finally finished something I started almost twelve years ago. I am so excited to walk across the stage in the historic Alabama Theater.

OK, I think I’m done for now.  I have quite a bit of homework to do, and quite a busy week to prepare for.  And, maybe, I should enjoy this tiny bit of time I have to myself.