Are We Doing the Right Thing?

There’s been a post making its way around the homeschool blogosphere that I think is just an awesome read. Likely, many of my readers have seen it. But, on the off chance that you haven’t {and for those that aren’t tuned in to the homeschool scene}, I thought I’d post a link. 

Many times people have a perception of homeschooling painted by the media, by a few examples they’ve encounter or heard of, or just what they think in their head.  Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s not.  Really, many people don’t even know what to ask when someone says they homeschool.  Before I post the link, I’d like to preface this with a few things:

*  Yes, I know there are some amazing public school teachers out there; I know some of them myself

*  Yes, I know not all public schools are bad

*  Yes, I know sending your child to public school doesn’t scar them for life

*  Yes, I know some homeschooled children don’t turn out the way the ones mentioned in this post do

*  Yes, I know many children who attended public school grow up and do great things {my husband and I  both attended public school}

*  Yes, I know how you school your child is a personal choice {but here on my blog, I discuss my choice and why I like my choice}

*  Yes, I know each child and their abilities are different

*  No, I don’t think Babydoll will suffer from “not being exposed to certain ‘hardships'” because she didn’t attend public school {quite frankly, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to raise and train her in her younger years, and to let her know it’s ok to be exactly who she wants to be and to not worry about what others think of her, and let her become who she will become without the outisde influence of other children/adults-which many times is not how I want her to turn out-day after day after day, so that when she does get exposed to the “hard realities of life” she’ll be confident in who she is and her decision-making abilities}

*  No, I don’t think Babydoll is hurting in the socialization department {feel free to check the mileage on my car that points to the weekly schedule of soccer, Girl Scouts, and field trips}

There, I think that about covers it.

Burying the Big Yellow Bus

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.