Time 4 Learning

I’m still on the hunt for a potential replacement {or supplement} for our current Language Arts curriculum and a supplement for our Math.  Maureen over at Spell Outloud recently posted about the opportunity to review Time 4 Learning, and I’m hoping to do so.  As part of the process, I must post the following disclosure {because you know, it only makes sense for people to know exactly what they’re getting when they’re reading something}:

I’ve been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning can be used as a primary homeschool curriculum, as part of an eclectic homeschooling method, or as an afterschool tutorial. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.


Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Supremely Awesome Week

I know this is a tad late {yep, a new week has already begun}, but I had to write about last week so I would have something to document the superb week we had {you know, so I can look back and remember it when I’m having one of those weeks…}.

Last week was one of those weeks that makes you absolutely adore homeschooling.  It went off with hardly a hitch, was enjoyable, and ended with some uber-awesome family time.

We started a unit on rocks and minerals in Science.  Babydoll is absolutely enjoying it.  She wants to be an archaeologist when she grows up, so messing around with dirt and rocks and other scientific outside-type stuff is to her what anything cake or cupcake related is to me.  Of course, I don’t quite get it because I’d much rather be using my hands to eat something, or operate a TV remote, or play a video game, or bake, or write, but you know, that whole encourage-them-in-what-they-love-and-what-they-want-to-do thing comes into play here.

We finished up our unit on Medieval African empires in History.  Babydoll loves this subject as well, and is excited to move on to Medieval China next.

In Art she learned about the color wheel; primary, secondary, warm, and cool colors; and abstract art.

Babydoll started a book about the Declaration of Independence in Literature; finished up a unit on filling out forms, writing emails, and using a dictionary in Language Skills; and continued working on the timed math drill worksheet I made for her. 

We went back and “started over” in Math, using Math-U-See and she’s just about got all the addition and subtraction facts memorized.  It took a major mind shift on my part to go back to that, but I couldn’t in good conscience move her on in Math knowing she didn’t quite get multiple digit addition and subtraction, partly due to not having all the facts memorized.  For the most part she breezed through the book and is about ready to start the next book.  She is enjoying trying to beat her own time on the worksheet.

She began working on her blog again, and is getting much better about formatting and other aspects.

In addition to all the fun learning that took place, we also ordered our All About Spelling materials and our new Math-U-See materialsWe love getting new curriculum.  We also picked the novels that she’ll finish out the year reading.  We {heart} books.

My pretty Terrain is now pretty once more; the windshield has been replaced and the tire no longer has a gaping hole.  My broken pipe is replaced as well.

We spent the weekend together as a family enjoying each other and took the dog out on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was great seeing him run around with Vince, off his leash {the dog, not Vince}.  He had so much fun.

And, I just have to add that I have the most wonderful husband in the world.  I know, I know.  Your husband is awesome to you.  And that’s ok.  He should be.  But mine takes the cake.  He’s freaking awesome.  I love him.  {‘Nuff mushy junk}

Now, looking back, the week wasn’t necessarily anything special, but it felt good to me.  It felt normal, and structured, and happy, and just good.

This week is shaping up to be a pretty swell one as well…