"Roman Town" Reviews

Babydoll wants to be an archaeologist. Really bad. Being the super {yeah, right} mom that I am, I’ve started looking up resources to use in homeschooling {as well as summer camps, books, etc.} to support her aspirations.
In my search, I came upon Roman Town, a Roman archaeological dig game by Dig-It Games.  I thought it looked awesome and decided to get it for Babydoll at some point.  That point has come.
Maureen over at Spell Outloud recently posted a review of Roman Town, along with other members of The Old Schoolhouse Crew
There’s even a little something extra
I don’t want to take away their thunder, so please go check out the reviews and learn more about the game.  Even if your kid doesn’t want to dig around in the dirt for old stuff when they grow up, I think they might enjoy it anyway.