New Homeschool Schedule

I’ve realized for a while now that our current method of scheduling isn’t working for us.  I’d read tons of information about how school time doesn’t have to be M-F, it doesn’t have to start promptly at 8:30 am, it doesn’t have to follow the direction of others.

Somehow none of that sunk in.

I still had this mindset that M-F were school days, and Saturday and Sunday were rest/have fun days.

There is one tiny detail that makes this type of schedule a bit impractical for our family:  my husband’s work schedule.  He works a rotating shift schedule, which looks like this:

4 days of 12 hour nights
3 days off
3 days of 12 hour days
1 day off
3 days of 12 hour nights
3 days off
4 days of 12 hour days
7 days off

And then it starts all over again.

Family time is a priority in my household; maybe it’s because we all just like each other that much, or maybe it’s because Vince was in the Navy for about eight years and always gone.  No matter the reason, we enjoy doing things together as a family, even if it’s just sitting around the house playing a video game.  And since we don’t have a babysitter here, we rarely get to spend time together as a couple that isn’t spent around the house {although I have one dear friend who did watch her for us for an entire night so we could go have a little fun}.  So it is important for us to make time at home to spend together as a couple.

My point is, our schedule of attempting school M-F was interfering with our Daddy time.  Say a particular Tuesday happened to be his one day off in the middle of working, and we had a Girl Scout meeting that same day.  The remaining part of the day was spent with Daddy, and although we “should have” been doing school, none got done.

Then there are the errands that we need him for {his truck, his opinion, his strong arms, his company, you get the idea}, the things we’d like to do with him, the discussions we need to have as a family, and it just was not working.

So I decided to do some research on homeschool families who work around a rotating shift work schedule, or at least a shift work schedule.  I wasn’t sure that I’d find anything, but I thought for sure if I did, maybe I’d have permission to do things a little differently {I know, I’m crazy}.

Whadya know?  I found some!

School Hours at The Pioneer Woman

Scheduling with Husband’s Shift Work at Mother’s Rule of Life

FLYing with Homeschool Families at FlyLady {lots of various schedules here}

Transitions in Your Homeschool:  A Threat, or a Tool? (Part 2 of 4) at 7 Sisters Homeschool

These are all great sites in general, and the posts listed above really helped me realize that people who homeschool have all sorts of schedules and lifestyles and they make homeschooling work for them, and I should do the same.

I sat down and counted the number of days that Vince works and learned that between those and a couple of days during each seven day off period we could get a full month’s worth of schoolwork done on just the days he works!  This means, we’re off when he’s off, and we work when he works.  I was absolutely thrilled!

I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders.  I sat down and redid our schedule through the end of the school year {I’ll put that in another post since this one is getting so long}.  We’ll see how the new schedule works {I actually started implementing it this weekend}; hopefully it feels better to us and maybe we will have finally hit our homeschooling groove.

Cuz lemme tell ya, we’ve been pretty grooveless the past couple of years…