New Lesson Plans

In a previous post I discussed our need for a new homeschool schedule to work around my husband’s work schedule.  I promised I’d write a post detailing my new lesson plans/schedule, so here it is!

This might only make sense to me {I have a habit of doing things in a way that is perfectly sane to me, but seems rather ridiculous to others}, but maybe it’ll help somebody out there.

You’ll need to click on the images to make them large enough to actually see; I’m not sure how to make them big enough without them spilling over into other columns.  Then again, maybe this is how it should be…

Current week’s lesson plan

Above is our current week’s lesson plan.  As you can see, we’ll do school on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I’ve listed each assignment for the day, and if we had anything else going on that day {field trip, doctor’s appointment, etc.} I would have listed that directly underneath the date, so I’d know how to proceed with teaching that day {Do we need to get all work done in the morning?  The afternoon?}.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, composition, Wordly Wise, music, geography, and art have nothing listed because we’ve either finished with the year’s work or we’ll be starting anew with new curriculum next year.

Next week’s lesson plan

The image above {remember to click it to enlarge} is next week’s lesson plan.  We’ll be doing school Monday – Thursday next week.

There’s nothing earth-shattering here, and I know some things will have to be pushed to another day if a concept isn’t understood, but I think this gives us a much better framework for getting through our school year than what I was previously doing.  I’m so excited!

You’ll notice than one thing this isn’t is an hour by hour schedule/routine.  There are a few reasons for this.  One, I can’t live by a rigid schedule.  I am not a morning person and I can’t say I’ll wake up at 6 am, computer till 6:30 am, walk till 7:15 am, etc.  Doesn’t work for me.  Instead I’ve tried to focus more on routines for our day.  With that said, I’m revamping the routines as well.  It makes no sense to include them on the lesson plan because they’re ever-changing and still being formed.

One thing that helped me was mentioned in one of the links in my previous post:  coming up with basic necessities that must get done each day.  Knowing this, I can fit them into each day the way they need to fit.  Hopefully.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

Have you had to come up with new ways of scheduling and lesson planning?  Did it take you as long as it took me to let go?