Time4Learning – Review

When the opportunity to review Time4Learning presented itself, I jumped at the chance!  While I have been happy with most of our curriculum, Babydoll and I thought that the language arts portion was just a tad too boring and dry.  I felt she just wasn’t getting it.  I also knew she was struggling with reading comprehension, understanding context clues, and making inferences.

What is Time4Learning?

Time4Learning is an education program presented in an online format that has been designed for preschool-aged children through 8th grade.  The program contains math, social studies, science, and language arts content, and can be used as a homeschool curriculum, a curriculum supplement, a summer school program, or afterschool study.  Parents have access to a Parent Forum with a wealth of information from other Time4Learning users, printable lesson plans, and a section devoted to various student reports. 

Our Thoughts

Babydoll and I loved Time4Learning.  She jumped right in and completed lessons on making inferences.

The Launch Pad

One of Babydoll’s favorite activities

The interactive lessons allowed her to completely go through and answer questions if she knew the answers or get help if she needed help.  They were upbeat, fun, and easy to follow.  She was able to go at her own pace and learn as much as she needed about a subject.  Most importantly, the content was great.  There was more than enough material to help her completely understand reading comprehension, inferences, and context clues.

I have always been concerned with Babydoll learning as much as possible and having a well-rounded education.  So much so that despite the fact that Time4Learning states on its website that the curriculum was designed around state standards, I sat down with Babydoll’s current curriculum and went line by line for third and fourth grade and compared the two curriculums.  Time4Learning had everything in our current curriculum, and then some.  I was very impressed.

I also thought the science and social studies curriculums were very thorough and presented topics that we did  not have included in our current curriculum.  Babydoll enjoyed many of these activities as fun afterschool things.

The lesson plans and reports function were a great help.  In addition to the lesson plans, worksheets provided a variety of extra activities tied into the lessons.  The ability to see Babydoll’s progress in a concise report allowed me to pinpoint areas that might need more attention.

Sweet Finale

I would highly recommend Time4Learning.  I plan to continue using the program as a supplement to our current curriculum and will rely heavily on the language arts sections of the program.  I appreciate the fact that other aspects of the program incorporate subjects and content that are not in our current curriculum, giving me the opportunity to choose activities to round out our studies.  It is easy to see that a great deal of hard work and care has gone into developing this program.

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Disclosure:  This review represents my thoughts about Time4Learning, and have not been written by Time4Learning.  I received a free month of Time4Learning as compensation for my review.  Even if I hadn’t, I would still recommend it!