Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the New Schedule

Yes, I know. I’m sure you are so sick and tired of hearing about the new stinking schedule.

I apologize.

I’m just so dang excited!

OK, enough about the schedule itself.

We continued multiplication in Math U See.  In addition to the worksheets in the workbook, Babydoll also had game time at Multiplication.com.  She really loves this site.

Babydoll began reading Pippi Longstocking and absolutely loves it.  We’ve had a tiny struggle with writing proper answers to the questions, but I’ve now given her the option of typing it to make it more fun.  She knows the material, but it’s like yanking teeth to get her to write out three substantial properly formatted sentences.  Maybe it’s the age; maybe I’m expecting too much.  Dunno.

In grammar we’ve been working on personal pronouns.  Yep, that’s about all there is to say about that.

We continued our study of medieval China this week in history.  Learning about the Song dynasty and their various inventions was particularly interesting.

In spelling we continued through the various steps of Level I in All About Spelling.  Although the words are so basic {in, an, big}, the actual spelling rules and phonograms are things that were missed before, so Babydoll is really benefiting.

Babydoll also continued working on handwriting in her Handwriting Without Tears workbook.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we didn’t accomplish a great deal this week, but we got it all done and we got used to our new schedule.  Next week I’m adding a bit more to the schedule and will be working on utilizing the workboxes now that we’re not in a “Crap, we need to work on school-go grab the Language Skills book!” type of flow.

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