Awesome Linkage

How about some link-y goodness this Thursday morning?

  • Keepin’ It Real – Falling Behind – Lynda at My Heart’s Desire featured this article in October, 2010.  We all fall behind at some point or another {don’t think it’s not true}, but this article gives some much-needed perspective on the subject.

  • Cadbury Chocolate Tour – Since Babydoll and I have been doing a unit study on chocolate, this post was of extreme interest to us.  Who wouldn’t want to go tour a chocolate factory?  Anna-Marie has the amazing opportunity of homeschooling in the UK.  Her blog, Life’s Adventures, details all of their extraordinary ventures across the pond.

  • Weekly Homeschool Planner ~ Edit AND Save It! – OK, this thing is just awesome.  Really. Awesome. It combines my love of technology with my need for organization with my desire to find something that fits my lifestyle.  Oh how I’m so grateful that Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations created it!

  • Geography – Postcard Album – Nebraska – Phyllis and her family are participating in a postcard exchange {national AND international!}.  This isn’t just any postcard exchange; the postcards come from other homeschoolers around the world.  Not only do they learn about each place, they make fun meals from their destination, and do other fun projects related to their postcard place.  All Things Beautiful is a great blog and Phyllis is a wealth of knowledge; she’s been homeschooling since 1995!

Have any awesome links you want to share? Please email me so I can look them over and include them in the next Awesome Linkage!