Curriculum FAIL

Remember the post I made a week or so ago about our curriculum for next year?  Well, I made a noob mistake:  I finalized everything before I read up on the last bit of new curriculum I found and before I went to a homeschool convention. 

Thankfully, this mistake isn’t going to cost us anything since I already had the materials we were going to use {I bought them last year}.  And I guess it’s not a huge change, but it’s a change nonetheless.

Instead of using K12 for literature, grammar, and composition, we will be using Literature Pockets for literature, Voyages in English for grammar, and materials from the Institute for Writing Excellence (IEW) for composition

I forgot that I saved the latter two sites a while ago to research as possible replacements for K12.  When going through my bookmarks the other day, I saw the sites and went to read through.  Long story short, Babydoll and I were very happy with what we saw

For literature, we weren’t necessarily annoyed by K12’s literature, but it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for either.  You know that feeling?  So I set out to see if I could find something that more closely fit with what we wanted to do.

Babydoll loves reading, but prefers longer, more substantial stories than what we read in K12.  Sure, we had the opportunity to pick four novels from a list each year and do lessons associated with those {which we enjoyed}, but other than that it was usually random stories she’d read.  The material being taught was useful {summarizing, plot, theme, etc.}, but the delivery left something to be desired.

It’s very hard {at least in my opinion} to find a stand alone literature curriculum.  Somehow I stumbled upon Literature Pockets and thought it was exactly what we were looking for.  Babydoll can read a variety of literary works, do fun activities akin to lapbooking, and compile it all at the end into her own “book.”

As of right now, we’re still planning on using K12 for science, history, and art.  We’re heading to the AL Homeschool Expo next weekend, and I can’t wait to check out the curriculum fair.  Maybe we’ll find something there; maybe we won’t.  Either way, we continue to be happy with our decisions!

What about you?  Do you find yourself always “finding” new/better curriculum?  Or am I the only one?!

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