Field Trip Fun: Publix

We recently took a field trip to Publix grocery store for a “behind the scenes” tour.  I didn’t have terribly high expectations for the trip, because, well, it’s a grocery store.

Now, I know grocery stores can be wondrous places {Whole Foods anyone?}, and Publix stores are pretty snazzy {at least the new ones}.  But really, grocery shopping is such a mundane activity that I don’t consider spending extra time in there to be a good thing.

And really, it doesn’t matter what I think; Babydoll and the other kids were excited.  I felt bad that I had lost the child inside.

I was so wrong.  It was actually quite enjoyable.

The tour kicked off with a gift bag filled with a coloring book and some snacks, and a balloon from the florist.  Granted, I thought we could’ve held off on the “manipulatives” till after the tour, but it got the kids super excited.

From the florist we headed to the bakery, where the kids each received a mini cupcake and talked to the bakery ladies.  The deli was our next stop, where each child received a cup full of popcorn chicken.  From the deli we headed through the produce department to the back kitchen.  The seafood department was next, where the children touched a live lobster.

After the seafood department we were allowed to go into the back of the store and see where all of the store’s stock was held.  While back there, the kids got to wrap meat in the meat department and see the dairy fridge.  When we finished up in the back, we walked to the pharmacy where the kids learned that Publix can flavor their medicine for them {they were so excited by this}.

The next stop was the upstairs portion of the store.  The entire U-shaped upstairs had floor-to-ceiling windows to view the store from above {another favorite}, various offices, and managers. Once we were back downstairs, the kids were allowed to go “shopping” and then become a cashier in training.  I think this was their favorite part of the whole tour!

When we were finished with the tour, Babydoll and I went shopping.  This was a treat for us since the Publix is about 30 minutes away from the house and we usually don’t go there to shop.  Next Wednesday, however, our area’s very own Publix will be opening.  Babydoll and I are so there…

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