Review: The Curiosity Files – Quicksand


It’s obscure.  The only people that really ever learn a ton about quicksand are those who are really into it or those that have to for some reason.

We would have probably only learned about quicksand had it been present in some lesson at some point during Babydoll’s school career.  We would have gone over the skim-the-surface information and moved on.

Oh how glad we were that we were given the opportunity to review The Curiosity Files – Quicksand!

What is it?

Cover of Quicksand Unit StudyThe Curiosity Files are fun unit studies from The Old Schoolhouse.  Topics covered by the series include MRSA, the blue diamond, quicksand, and many others.  Each PDF file includes tons of great activities and incorporates many subjects:  vocabulary, puzzles, experiments, word problems, geography, math, and many more.  Most of the activities can be completed without the use of any additional materials, and the experiments generally use items found around your home {cornstarch, baking pans, pudding, etc.}.

The Curiosity Files – Quicksand ($6.95) is designed for children ages eight to thirteen and up, but could easily be adapted for other ages by combining the information provided in the unit study as well as the multitude of additional resources {such as books and websites} listed at the end of the study.

What we Thought

Overall, Babydoll and I thoroughly enjoyed using The Curiosity Files – Quicksand as a “for fun” unit study. The graphics are fun, the premise engaging {you’re “on the case” with Professor Ana Lyze, studying “outlandish oddities”}, the activities and experiments enjoyable and diversified.

The study was divided into sections, which made it easy to pick out what we’d be using and leave the rest.  Even though we took out some of the material, everything still flowed nicely and we never felt like we missed something. I also appreciated the way the material was made up of items that Babydoll and I completed together and items that she could do on her own.

Page from The Curiosity FilesWe started the study by reading the introduction from Professor Ana Lyze and then moved on to Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Quicksand.  Did you know it’s virtually impossible to completely sink in quicksand? Yeah, neither did we.  Following this information is a small quiz to make sure your student has picked up all the important points of the lesson.

Babydoll then completed a few math and word problem activities, a few activities in which she answered questions based on information in a chart {she loves these!}, a word search, crossword puzzle, vocabulary activities, and a matching activity.

Up next were the geography and art activities.  I particularly enjoyed these {as did Babydoll}; she was able to learn geographical terms, make a little geography book where she wrote her terms and their definitions, color a map showing a few of her terms, and draw a picture incorporating all terms she learned.

Then came the uber fun part:  putting together her “case file” and doing the experiments! She created her file from cardstock and then filled it with little “snippets” provided in the lesson.  We made quicksand goo and edible quicksand.  Just a bit of advice:  Don’t eat more than one cup serving of edible quicksand. You’ll want to.  You shouldn’t.  Just trust me on this one…

Quicksand Goo

Edible Quicksand

Final Thoughts

I found The Curiosity Files – Quicksand to be informative, educational, and fun; it’s definitely worth purchasing.  I would like to note that each The Curiosity Files study incorporates Bible verses and lessons; however, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise since The Old Schoolhouse is a Christian organization and it is noted in the product description.  We chose to remove those portions of the study and found it didn’t hurt the quality and delivery of information at all.

Give The Curiosity Files – Quicksand a try, as well as other The Curiosity Files studies and other products from The Old Schoolhouse; you’ll be so glad you did!

Photo credits:  The Old Schoolhouse

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of The Curiosity Files – Quicksand for review purposes by The Homeschool Review Crew.  I was asked to give my honest opinions of the material {both positive and negative}, and received no other compensation for doing so.