The Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where We Played Hooky

Babydoll and I pretty much played hooky this entire week. We’ll save the discussion about whether or not I’m a bad influence on Babydoll for another day and time…

We did manage to finish Pippi Longstocking and Babydoll worked on her new Highlights Top Secret Adventure {which she loved}.  Other than that, there wasn’t very much actual schooling going on.

Monday was our usual drop Winston off at the groomer and head to breakfast day.  Then we spent some time at the dealership getting my oil changed.

Tuesday we went to the sheriff’s department for a tour that ended up lasting almost two hours.  It was amazing; the girls really loved it!  They visited the investigative department, got souvenirs, saw a narcotics dog find drugs, meet the sheriff, and many other things.  Here’s a picture of the girls that appeared on the sheriff’s department website.

In actual schooling, there isn’t much else to report {I know, how boring!}.  I got some reading done {for pleasure and for work}, some cleaning done, and spent some time with the family.

We’re hitting the books and the field trips hard next week, so hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to report next week!