Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With Chocolate and a Dairy Farm

What a fun week we had!  It was filled with all sorts of learning, and that made it spectacular!

Field Trips and Other Fun

We took a trip to the Anniston Museum of Natural History to see their chocolate exhibit.  It was amazing {and lengthy – 2+ hours}; Babydoll thoroughly enjoyed adding to what she’s been learning in her unit study with what she found at the exhibit.  Babydoll’s favorite “stop” was the rainforest.

We SO want this stool!

Dairy FarmAfter we left the museum, we headed to the Wright Dairy farm.  Unfortunately, they were not doing tours, but we were allowed to walk around a bit of the farm and the barn.  The cows are grass-fed, and aren’t given any hormones or antibiotics.  Cows Crossing RoadCows Drinking

We bought milk, cheese, and ice cream; it’s all pretty yummy!  They pasteurize, but don’t homogenize, the milk so the cream rises to the top. This means you have to shake the milk every time you use it.

Babydoll also spent time cooking this week.  She made rice bowls with rice, tofu, scallions, tamari, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. Dessert was candy sushi.Babydoll with her rice bowl dinner


We started learning to skip count by “9” {precursor to multiplying by “9”}.

Language Skills

We studied adverbs that tell when, where, and how.


We started Stone Fox this week.


Babydoll worked on her blog this week, creating a couple of new posts.


This week Babydoll learned a couple of new spelling rules:  when to use “c” or “k” for the /k/ sound and when to double a consonant at the end of a word.

Unit Studies

We started a unit study on quicksand this week.  Babydoll is really enjoying it and we’re learning a ton.  {We’ll continue chocolate next week.}

How was your week?