Awesome Linkage

A couple of weeks ago I gave you guys some Thursday linky goodness; how about some more?

  • The Thinking Girl’s Treasury of Real Princesses – This book series looks awesome.  Dawn from 5 Minutes for Books posted this the day of the royal wedding.  Now, we watched the coverage; it was a welcome distraction from the constant coverage of the devastation in the state and it was cool {a royal wedding doesn’t happen everyday}.  I do, however, want Babydoll to learn that there were real-life princesses throughout history who accomplished great things.
  • In the Kitchen:  Quick & Easy Breakfasts – There are some great ideas for kid-prepped breakfasts here courtesy of Let’s Explore.  I’m one of those parents who never really bought into the whole “I’m going to wake up everyday and make breakfast for my child” thing.  No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but it doesn’t suit me at all {I’m so not a morning person}.  So, we taught Babydoll how to fend for herself.
  • Home Ed Connection – Paisley over at Home School Tweet has put together a website for homeschool children to interact with each other.  Don’t worry, she’s put all the good parameters and other stuff in place.  You can’t deny that social networking is a big thing nowadays, so how cool is it that homeschoolers have a place all their own?!
  • Super Teacher Worksheets – Yet another gem stolen from Raising Little Rhodies.  I am absolutely in love with this website.  This has to be the most organized worksheet website I’ve seen.  It’s simple, the worksheets are great, and it’s all free.