Mini Housekeeping Notebook

I’ve been following the 30 Days of Homemaking for Girls series and read the post about making a mini homekeeping book for girls.  I thought putting one together for Babydoll would be a great idea, since I always get questions like, “What setting do I use to wash this?”, or “How do I clean this?”, or things just aren’t cleaned like they should be {I’m a mean mom who makes her clean her own bathroom…}.

I asked Babydoll if she’d use it, and she said she would.  She spent some time decorating a binder and we decided what we’d put in the binder.

  • Emergency information
  • How to maintain her room and bathroom each day
  • How to clean her room and bathroom each Sunday
  • A laundry guide to go along with my sweet new washer and dryer
  • A section for her to record ideas for posts for her blog
  • A section to record and store her favorite recipes
  • A menu planning section for her to plan the Wednesday night meal she makes

I wanted the notebook to be useful for her, not something that would sit around and collect dust.  We use My Job Chart, so she doesn’t need anything to do with chores in there.

I’m sure we’ll add to it as she gets older, but it’s working for now and she actually uses it.

What are some ideas of things you’d add to a mini homekeeping binder?