So, You Think You Wanna Homeschool…

Be true to yourself…

This ties in to the post I did on marching to the beat of your own drum, but is more specifically directed to what you actually do in your homeschool.

I’m just going to put this out there:

I can’t get behind a nature study, no matter how hard I try.

That doesn’t mean they’re not swell and that you shouldn’t do it, it just means that it’s not my thing.  I tell you, though, for the first year of homeschooling I thought, “What the heck is wrong with me?  We’re not doing weekly nature studies…  I’m a freaking failure.  All the other homeschool moms do it…”

Then I realized something:  just because it’s someone else’s thing doesn’t mean it has to be my thing.  I do stuff with Babydoll that someone else might not want to do.  And that’s fine.

Part of homeschooling is {in my opinion} sharing who you are with your children, and then, if they share that interest or passion, you can work at it together.  This teaches them something in a way that no other person could.

People, especially children, can tell if you’re not being genuine.  If I took my daughter outside to do a nature study, she might be excited, but she’d wonder why the heck we were doing it.  She knows mommy despises creepy crawlies and dirt and the outside…  She would derive a little less enjoyment because she’d know I was only doing it because I thought I should.

But, when we’re in the kitchen creating, she knows that’s where I love to be and I love to be there with her, and that’s where she loves to be, so we really enjoy it.

She’ll learn about nature if she needs and wants to learn about nature.  And I don’t have to be out there every week doing it.

It’s just that simple.