Weekly Wrap-Up: The One Where I’m Glad it’s Over

As mentioned in yesterday’s Homeschool Mother’s Journal, I had one heck of a start to the week.  So, that is solely why I’m glad it’s over.  The rest of the week wasn’t half bad, just had a crazy start.  At any rate, let’s detail what Babydoll did this week:


Babydoll decided to go back through her Magic Tree House boxed set {thanks G-ma!} and read a few MTH books this week.  She even applied a few things to what we’ve learned throughout the year.


Still in those x3 facts, but I think she’s ready to quiz out of them.  We should finish multiplication soon, then it’s on to division


This week Babydoll made what she and I think is her best dish yet, and it was so, so, so easy to make.  And fast.  And good.  So freaking good.

She made a Parmesan cream sauce with spinach, roasted tomato, and carrot fettuccine, peas, and prosciutto.  The sauce cooks in about a minute, you add the cooked noodles, defrosted peas, and prosciutto, give it a toss, and it’s ready to go.


Babydoll is still working in HWT, and is writing more and more in cursive.  It’s looking good.


Babydoll did a few crafty things this week, but I can’t remember them all now…  I do remember how excited she was to see the SMASH* book I got for her {and I snagged one for myself}.  She promptly began SMASHing that night.  She wrote about the Hello Kitty Razor scooter she “bought” {through My Job Chart}, cut out the picture of the scooter on the box, and pasted it into her book.

Have a great week guys!