Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the End in Sight!

While we plan to do some schooling through the summer, the bulk of our school year is coming to an end.  I have mixed emotions about this.  On the one hand, I’m glad we’ll have a much looser schedule.  On the other, I enjoy learning right along with Babydoll!


Babydoll finished Stone Fox this week. She enjoyed it, but was a little saddened by the way the story ended.

She completed half of the test for the book so far {we were working ahead, so she’s got a bit of time to get the whole thing finished}, which involved choosing one of two writing prompts.  She chose to write a piece pretending she was a news reporter covering an event detailed in the book. She did such an amazing job on this, especially considering it was actually a fourth grade assignment.  Here’s a scan {beware, it contains spoilers!}:

Stone Fox paperStone Fox paperStone Fox paper

She enjoyed this assignment quite a bit!


We are done with the x9 facts! We’ve moved on to the x3 facts, and only have about 32 more facts to go to be finished with multiplication!!


Babydoll made Mexican rice bowls this week.  They were so yummy!  She also marinated chicken and salmon for me, and helped make the taquitos.


Babydoll continued to work in her Handwriting Without Tears book.


We began our unit on Medieval Japan this week.  We both love Japan!


Babydoll finally got the Top Secret Adventures she’s been waiting for!  This one was about Australia.  I took pictures this time around, so I’ll be putting up a post on that soon.


We finished our All About Spelling Level 1 materials. This was a breeze for Babydoll, but we hadn’t learned the spelling rules, so we’ve got the ones presented in this level down now.  We’ll move on to Level 2 soon.