Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with Septimus

Just a quick wrap-up, mainly so I can remember what we did last week…


We started reading the Septimus Heap series last week.  We love it.  It’s full of wizards, queens, princesses, Custodians, and all sorts of other fun things.  The first book in the series, Magyk, is a real page-turner; we find it hard to put down each night.


I continued to quiz Babydoll on her skip-counting by 9.  She has also started to recognize the relationship between multiplication and division, applying it in everyday life.

CookingStrawberry Sauce

This week Babydoll fixed a delicious dinner of cod baked in foil packets with olive oil, parsley, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, and green onions.  Oh man, so freaking good.  We also made tons of strawberry sauce.  Yum. Packets for baked cod

Unit Study

We did a really short unit study on Mexico. Babydoll made a paper doll clothed in traditional Mexican clothing, learned what the various colors and symbols on the Mexican flag stood for, made a colorful piñata, made an acrostic poem with the word “piñata”, all enclosed in a pocket book.  We finished the day off with delicious taquitos, pasta salad, black beans, and strawberry limeade.


Babydoll and I at Mom & Me CampBabydoll and I attended Mom & Me camp again this year.  We had so much fun.  It’s always enjoyable spending time with Babydoll just doing things together.  You know, things that don’t revolve around school or cleaning or soccer.  We got to do crafts, a hayride, outdoor cooking, songs, games, and we actually canoed.  Yes, we manned a canoe and paddled around the lake.  I was terrified but decided to try it anyway, and absolutely loved it.  I so want to canoe some more.