Weekly Wrap-Up: The One with the Limes

We had another fun week with a wide range of activities.


We continued reading Septimus Heap:  Magyk this week.  It’s still totally awesome.  Babydoll also began {and finished} the 2010 Newberry Medal winner, When You Reach Me.  She informed me today that it is her “new most favorite book in all of history.”


Babydoll is still working on memorizing her x9 facts.  She did a Math-U-See worksheet and did some flash card practice on the iPod.


Babydoll cooked chicken cacciatore stew for us this week.  I pretty much detest stew, but this was pretty darn good.  We also made peanut butter sandwich French toast and key lime pie.

We squeezed about 2.3 billion key limes for that pie; I had hand cramps for a couple of hours…  I definitely need a better juicer {you know, one that’s not plastic and cheap…}.


Babydoll continued working in her Handwriting Without Tears book.  She’s getting very good at cursive handwriting and can pretty much write in cursive without seeing the book examples.


We finally finished our unit on Medieval China.  We’ll start Medieval Japan next week.

We’ve got  busy week next week, but I’m hoping to get quite a bit more “book work” done.  Babydoll is waiting patiently for her new Top Secret Adventures to get here; maybe we’ll get to do that next week as well.