What Should My Tagline Be?

So I know one of the “fundamental rules” of blog setup is to ensure that a person knows exactly what your blog is about when they land on it.

I also know that mine could be confusing.  I mean, there are cupcakes up there…

I came up with the name Sweet Phenomena based on my love of baking {and eating} sweet stuff, and all the phenomena that we would experience over the course of our borne-of-necessity homeschooling lives.  You know, the sweet phenomena.

This is my long drawn-out way of asking you guys to please help me come up with a tagline.  I’m sure once I can sit here and think about it, I could come up with something.  But then again, maybe not.

I’d like it to be short and snappy, clever and catchy; all the things a great tagline should be.

Any ideas?