Awesome Linkage

I’ve got some superior linkage for you guys this week; you ladies around the blogosphere have been busy!

  • Summer Book Club – Misty is hosting her second annual Rainy Day in May summer book club!  The first selection is The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton.  I’ve got my e-copy; looks good!  {Oh, and she’s a fellow SITS girl!}
  • Workbox Schedule Books – Sheri at What’s in the Box? has a collection of posts on her bound schedule book that she uses to plan her kids’ workbox week.  I’m in love with this because I spent the better part of this school year redoing the workboxes each night {not fun}.
  • Tea Time – Babydoll and I have soccer time, driving around time, school time, cooking time.  Daddy and Babydoll have “salon” time, fishing time, skating time.  I don’t quite feel like I ever just have Babydoll/Mommy time, so we decided to try and implement tea time, a great idea from The Homeschool Post.
  • SendaBall – I’d definitely enjoy getting one of these in the mail!