SITS 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge: Day 1

How to Blog

Yesterday I started the SITS 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge.  I started 31DBBB a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it, but I kind of fizzled out between everything I had going on and the fact that it’s not as fun doing it on your own.

Today’s Task:  Write an Elevator Pitch in 140 Characters or Less

This was hard.  Really hard.

You know how you can have in your head what your blog is about, but when you actually have to verbalize that, you just sit there, mouth hanging wide open?  Yeah, I had that moment yesterday.

But part of the beauty of the SITS challenge is that you’re grouped with other women for support and accountability.  So, there was no way I could just “pretend” that I had a pitch done, I had to deliver.

I’m still not sure if it’s “right” yet, but here’s the pitch so far:

Homeschool hang-ups, wicked workboxes, sublime successes, rad resources, likable links, and all around awesomeness.  That’s Sweet Phenomena…

Sweet Phenomena is a big old vat of homeschool goodness.  Sure, you might find a recipe here, a link for something quirky and fun there, but it all relates to homeschool {at least in my opinion} because it has to do with life, and that’s what homeschool is.

We didn’t intend to homeschool, so here on Sweet Phenomena I detail what it’s like to live as a homeschooler borne of necessity.  I don’t think it’s quite the same as someone who “got the calling” well before their kids were born.

Let me know what you think, and sit back for 31 days worth of bloggy building goodness!