Sweet Sponsor – Scrappy Boutique

PhotobucketAnother one of my sponsors for Blog Bash 2011 is:

Scrappy Boutique

Scrappy Boutique has all sorts of awesome scrapbooking and card making and paper crafting goodness!

Located in Orlando, FL, they decided to spread their love of all things scrappy to everyone online {how nice of them!}.  So, if you’re in Orlando, be sure to go share the love, and if you’re not, share it online!

They have a ton of great stuff online.  I’m partial to this greeting card kit and pretty much all of the SMASH products.  Man oh man, I heart me some SMASH {so does Babydoll}!

SMASH products are new and fun-a great way to stash and snip and stick anything and everything!  The books come with a pen that has a glue stick on one end {this has to be one of the best glue sticks ever}.

You can open the glue stick end and slather some super-awesome glue on the back of anything, stick it in your SMASH book, and then flip the glue stick over and use the pen to jot a note.  Super sweet!

Want to win some SMASH-y goodness?

Be sure to stop back by June 22nd to enter to win an amazing SMASH package graciously donated by the super-awesome folks at Scrappy Boutique!

While you’re waiting, you might want to stop by their blog, their gallery, and their Facebook page to satiate that creative itch!