We Made Chocolate!

I’ve missed you guys! I’ve been so busy with the giveaway and fun stuff I’ve got coming for you guys in the next few months that I haven’t had a chance to post something fun and homeschool-y.

Make Your Own Chocolate KitRemember when Babydoll and I were working on our chocolate unit study? ¬†Well, I bought a Make Your Own Chocolate kit and we’re just getting around to using it…

Man oh man was it fun!

The kit comes with cocoa butter, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, tempering crystals {ground up chocolate bars}, a couple of cacao beans, and paper candy liners.

We melted the cocoa butter {it smelled like chocolate, mmmm}, added the cocoa powder and sugar, mixed vigorously, and then when the mixture cooled to 94 degrees, we added our tempering crystals.

Cocoa Butter

Melted Cocoa Butter


Piping ChocolateWe put the mixture in a piping bag and Babydoll went to town!

We decided to put marshmallow fluff and peanut butter in some of them.

While we waited for them to cool, Babydoll rubbed the skin from one of the cacao beans and tried a teeny bite…

Bitter Beans

They cooled and Babydoll tried some.

Then I tried some.

They were delicious!!

I highly recommend the kit, especially if you’ll be doing Amanda Bennett’s chocolate study.