Sweet Critique: Earn It, Learn It

Earn It, Learn ItAllowance.

This word comes up quite often in many homes:  kids wanting money and parents wondering whether or not to give it to them.  And really, it’s not even that simple.

Should I just give them the money?  Should I pay them after chores are done?  How much should I pay?  And on and on the questions go.

That’s where Earn It, Learn It comes in handy:  a fun and meaningful way to teach your kids about hard work, the real world, and how to properly manage their money.

What is it?


Earn It, Learn It, by Alisa T. Weinstein, details the Earn My Keep Allowance Program.  The program incorporates experiential learning, career exploration, and many other skills to teach kids about the way the real world works.

When you need money to pay your bills, what do you do?  You get a job and earn income.  You perform a task well and you are then compensated at regular intervals.  Don’t perform well, you lose your job and your ability to meet your financial obligations.

So, why shouldn’t kids do the same?  There’s no reason they can’t!

After a brief explanation of how the program works, the book lists 49 careers {and a fun create your own career} for kids to pick from; this is their “job.”  Each career has info from experts in that career field, tasks that represent what it is like to work in that profession, and other goodies.  Kids are given a set amount of time {one week, two weeks, etc.} to complete the tasks they’ve chosen, and at the end of their “pay period” they are paid for their great effort and work!

How much you pay your kids {or if you pay them at all, for that matter}, how many careers they complete, and many other aspects are wide open for you to fit in with your family dynamic.  Alisa has done a great job of addressing many of the questions and concerns that one might think of when starting this program.

What did we think?


Oh my goodness, we loved it!!!  The book is fun to read {any book that uses “awesomeness” is sweet in my book}, entertaining {there’s a story about a certain little someone’s desire for more lip gloss, which led to the development of this program}, and the program is so flexible.

Alisa provides so many different choices that anyone can do the program.  Even if you choose not to pay your children an allowance, she encourages you to still explore the careers with your kids. It can help develop a passion for learning and life and will broaden their knowledge of what there is to do in the real world.  And, the program does not involve a lot of time or money on your part!

There are so many fun careers listed in the book.  Babydoll, of course, picked archaeology as her first career, but was also interested in Event Planning, Toy Designing, and a Chef.  There was even a career I had never heard of before:  UX Researcher.  Let me tell you, there are some fun careers in this book; I want to do the activities too!

  • Costume Designer
  • Curator
  • Diplomat
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Publicist
  • TV Writer

Icons are used to categorize the tasks, ranging from quick and easy to more in-depth assignments.  Pick as few or as many as you’d like.  There are even forms in the back of the book and on the Earn My Keep website that can be used with some of the careers, such as a tax return, hotel feedback form, and adoption petition.

Final thoughts


I highly recommend this book to all parents, whether you use it as an allowance program or not. As a homeschooler, the book is even useful as a tool to choose field trips, activities, and enhance career exploration.

Companion items are being developed, such as a chef’s kit, to go along with some of the careers, as well as review journals that allow kids to create keepsakes detailing their adventures.

Review Journals

Chef Kit

Visit Earn My Keep to learn more about Alisa, the book, and other fun tidbit, as well as to purchase the book or companion items.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of  Earn It, Learn It for review purposes.  I was asked to give my honest opinion of the material {both positive and negative}, and received no other compensation for doing so.  I included an affiliate link for the purchase of the book through Amazon, however, feel free to purchase the book through the Earn My Keep website, which I have no affiliation with.

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