Sweet Critique: Yum Yum Dishes

Yum Yum DishesYou hear a lot about portion control nowadays.

Don’t eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting.  Yes, I can handle that.

Making sure each serving of chicken I eat is about the size of a deck of cards?  I’m not down with that…

It just so happens portion control is what Yum Yum Dishes are good at!

What is it?


perfect portionYum Yum Dishes come in sets of four.  These four ounce dishes are perfect for snacking, just place your chips, crackers, or other snacks in the bowl and enjoy!  Barring any unnecessary refills, you don’t have to worry about gorging on a massive amount of junk.

Now, I’m sure you’d never do this, but you should probably avoid filling the dishes with oh, say, M&Ms.  That would not be smart portion control.  Then again, if you only eat the four ounces versus an entire huge bag, that’s still better right?  Anyway, for most things, the Yum Yum Dishes work great!

What did we think?


Yum Yum Dishes are adorable!! I’ll be honest, we used them for other food purposes more than we used them for portion control.  That’s the beautiful thing about these dishes though!  Not only can Yum Yum Dishes be used for portion controlled snacking, they can also be used for sauces, spices, and cute presentation of any number of items.  They are so versatile.

I also like that the Yum Yum website has a section for snack ideas submitted by users.  Yummy stuff!

Lisa Mosley {of The Biggest Loser fame} endorses the dishes, and even offers a Tip of the Week that you can sign up for on the Yum Yum Dishes site.  You can also check out Yum Yum Dishes on Facebook and Twitter for even more fun stuff.

Final thoughts


Yum Yum Dishes are cute, versatile, and a great idea!

A set of four dishes retails for $22 US, but for the next two weeks, Yum Yum Dishes is offering readers of Sweet Phenomena a coupon code for $5 off each set of four dishes you order! Stock up on a few sets and let me know what you think!

Coupon code:  “SWEET” {no quotes, all caps}