Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning – Gathering Your Tools

This is the second post in the “Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning” series.  You might find it helpful to check out the first post in the series, Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning – Where to Start?  Here are posts three, four and five.

So we’ve consulted blogs and websites to help determine what our specific homeschool planning strategy will be.  Remember, one of the ways to epically fail at homeschool planning is to copy somebody else’s system verbatim, so the point here is to pick and choose only what might work for you, combine it all into a pretty little package, and leave the rest.

You’ve got an idea, so what do you do next?

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a bad tendency of wanting to do something NOW and going till it’s done.  That might work for some things, but when it comes to homeschool planning {and most other things for that matter}, it’s usually best to gather your tools beforehand.  This allows you to sit down and get busy, with minimal interruptions.

So what are some of the tools you might need to do your homeschool planning?  I’ve got several listed below.  Again, pick and choose!  Some of these are what works for me, some of these are what works for others, and some of these are just other resources available.

Weekly Homeschool Planner by Homeschool Creations – This is an editable PDF, which means you can use it year after year and tweak it as you need to.  At only $20, it’s a great buy.

The Old Schoolhouse Planner by The Old Schoolhouse – This planner is available as an e-book and has just about everything: forms, helpful articles, lists, etc.  In addition, TOS offers several other planners, including student planners.

The Well Planned Day - This planner offers a great deal of stuff, just like the TOS planner.  Student planners are also available.

Donna Young’s Homeschool Planner – Many of you are familiar with Donna’s site and all the great {FREE} resources she has.  Here are her many planning resources.

The Printable Homeschool Planner by Heather Bixlar - This planner is a newcomer, designed by a homeschool mom.  It can also be used year after year.

Family_Time.Mine Planner - I’m in the process of reviewing this planner right now, and I LOVE it.  It’s what I’m using this year.  {Pssst, I’ll be giving a family and student planner away next month…}

PensGood Erasable Pens – These Pilot Frixion pens are awesome.  They write great, come in a variety of colors, and really do erase well.

Desk ApprenticeThe Desk Apprentice – I discovered this little guy over at The Kelley Eight and ran out and bought him.

CurriculaCurricula – You’ll probably want to gather any curricula  materials you have:  books, notebooks, workbooks, magazines, etc.  Anything that you will be using to teach throughout the year.

Teacher’s Guides – These will come in handy, too.

Fun stuffFun Educational Products – I listed these because I always forget to use them.  We have all these cool kits and lapbooks and workbooks and I forget to ever incorporate them.  This way, they’re part of the planning process.

SupplementsSupplemental Resources – Again, I don’t know about you guys, but I have these and always forget to use them.  These are workbooks and other items that help reinforce learning.

Computer – Never know when you might need it…

File folders - They have so many uses…

Printer/Copier and Paper – Very useful.

Chocolate – OK, not necessary, but very helpful I’m sure…

I’m sure this is just a drop in the bucket and that there are tons of other things I’m not thinking of.

What are some of the tools you use during homeschool planning?

Next week we’ll discuss what to do with all this stuff.