Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning – Digging In

Stack-of-books-001This is the third post in the Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning Series.  The first post was full of planning links and the second detailed several tools you could use to plan.  Here are posts four and five.

We’ve checked out homeschool planning links, gathered our tools, and now it’s time to dig in.  Sounds fun right?

Well, for me, it is pretty fun.  I’m one of those weirdos who gets a thrill from planning.  Even still, it’s a pretty daunting task.

What are some ways to dig in and start your homeschool planning?

I’m going to detail the way I do it, which is by no means the right way or the only way.  It’s just the way I’ve progressed over the past couple of years.

Since we homeschool around my husband’s rotating shift schedule, I first take a look at the days I know we’ll be doing school {the day’s he’s working}.  This doesn’t give me quite the number of school days we need, so I go through my planner and fill in the extra days wherever it seems logical {not on doctor’s appointment days, that type of thing}.

Now, I should explain this before we go on:  I use two planners for lesson planning.  I don’t remember where I got this tip, so if it is yours, thank you!  In the first planner I write down the “ideal” lesson plans, what I’d like us to do each day.  The second planner is only used to record what we actually did each day.  This planner also doubles as my attendance record.

Once I’ve got our school days marked down, I take a look at the number of lessons in each piece of curriculum.  Then it’s just a matter of filling them in where they need to go in the “ideal” planner.  I know we work on science, history, and art less often, and we do things like literature and grammar every day.  This helps me know where to put everything.

My Desk Apprentice is filled with {pink!!} file folders, labeled by the week {W1, W2, etc.}.  The folders are divided up by quarter and placed into a blue hanging folder by quarter.

I then go subject by subject and look over each lesson.  I make a list of any supplies we might need, any books we need, and make copies of anything I need copies of.  Paperwork is placed in the appropriate week, and I make a book/supply list for each week.

I got so sick of getting to a lesson and not having a book or supply we needed, throwing us completely off last year.  This year, I put each week’s book/supply list in the weekly file folder three weeks prior to when we need the items.  For instance, we need X, Y, and Z in W7.  I put the list that contains those items in the W4 file, giving me three weeks to obtain those items, plenty of time before I actually need them.

So far we have lesson plans labeled in the “ideal” planner, paperwork filed in the respective week’s file in the Desk Apprentice, and book/supply lists placed in the file folder’s three weeks prior to when I need the items.  That’s pretty much the extent of that portion of planning.

The second aspect involves the new schedule book for Babydoll and her workboxes.  We’ll get into detail about that next week!

This might not make any sense to anybody else, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!!

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